Monday, May 18, 2009

Stay Tuned.....

So I have a lot of totally random thoughts going through my head tonight. Unfortunately I have been sitting here for about 10 minutes staring at my computer screen, and am at a loss as to where to start writing. It has been a crazy couple of weeks in our house and family, and I am trying to get myself back on track. We are trying to find our way in this new routine we have going, as well as add in a new family member to the mix. So, while I thought writing about all of this would help me to get it out of my head and make sense of things, I guess I need a little more time to figure out where to start. I am hoping to get it into words in the next couple of days so that I don't feel like an emotional ticking timebomb.

On a side note.....I am sitting in my bed, waiting for Sam to wake up to eat, which will be sometime in the next 30 minutes. I am catching up on some DVR'ed episodes of Lost, which I have been too tired to try to comprehend the past few weeks. This show is freakin' nuts. I have always said that I think the writers just sit in a room and try to come up with the most insane plot twists and turns they can throw at the viewers. I don't even think they really care if it makes sense. I think their only goal is that at the end of an episode the viewer is left thinking, "What the f@*%?!?!?!"

Hoepfully I will be on the blogging train again in a day or two. I think it may take a few entries before I can get it all out, but I'll get there.

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