Friday, June 5, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away.....

It is Friday, finally. I have survived another week, and I feel like that is a major thing to celebrate these days. Actually the week went pretty well, with the kids finally settling into a routine. Georgia and Noah also had their happy pants on, so we didn't have too many meltdowns. That is, until this evening. I never truly experienced the so-called "witching hour" with my children before. But I have now, and it was not pretty. At around 5:45 I started to get dinner ready for the kids. Same had finally fallen asleep and I laid him down in his bassinet. Within 5 minutes all hell had broken loose. Sam woke up screaming. Georgia and Noah started fighting over a Leapster game cartridge. That then progressed to them wrestling on the floor, with hands and feet flying at each other. The phone rang, and it was my mom trying to figure out why her iTunes didn't download an album correctly. And I still hadn't been able to get dinner together. It was pretty ugly for a while.

But we survived, and I shed not a single tear, nor did I raise my voice. (I did, however, use my "I mean business" tone!) I feel this is major accomplishment forme right now. We are all totally fried at the end of the day, and the fact that we make it to bedtime with everyone happy to have kisses and cuddles is no small feat. And now, at 8:15 pm, I have been enjoying the blissful silence of sleeping children for 45 minutes. It is my reward for making it through the day.

Thankfully, Alex will be home later this evening, and we can have a few nice days together before he heads out again on Sunday. I also give thanks to the weather forecast, which says this godforsaken rain should be overwith by tomorrow. Bring on the sun, so we can all be shiny happy people again.

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