Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A New Day

So no new news on the job/moving front yet. We are still in that lovely state of limbo, but I have managed to not think about it very much the last few days. I have many other things that need my attention to worry about something that may never happen.

My kids have still been driving me crazy, but I think that is every day in the life of a parent. I just need to accept that there will be some days that are better than others, and that I will be forgiven for the mistakes that I make. That is perhaps the most wonderful thing I have discovered about being a mom. No matter what happens during the day, tantrums, yelling, crying.....it is all forgiven when the kids wake up the next day. Once I just give in to the chaos, and accept that my house will never be perfectly organized, my kids will never stop arguing with each other, and there will always be laundry to do, I will be a much happier person and a better mommy to my children. It sounds so easy, but is so difficult for me to do.

I had another ultrasound a few days ago to just take a peek at this new little being growing inside of me. No matter how many times you see the pictures, or feel the kicking and tumbling going on inside of you, it is still amazing. I could actually see his mouth opening and closing, a slight smile on his face, and his hand coming in and out of his mouth. It really is a miracle that my body can provide everything this baby needs to grow and become a new human being in a few months. I never stop marveling at that.

On a broader note, I am so proud of my country today. It is Inauguration Day, and I feel like I am witnessing one of the most important moments of my lifetime. I am an unashamed liberal, a crazy liberal, actually. So, of course, I was happy with the results of this year's election. But when I walked out of the polling station with my son in November, I actually cried. I was overcome with emotion at what might be, what could actually happen. I can't imagine what members of the African-American community must be feeling right now, to know that something generations of your family fought for is actually coming true. I just know that I have never before been more proud to be a citizen of this country, to see the American dream truly come to fruition, to have faith again in my leader. I am excited to see where the next four years will take us.

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