Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day!!

So here we are on the first snow day of the year. We had one decent snowfall before, but this one is going to keep us all inside for the day. And I couldn't get my car out of the driveway even if I did want to go somewhere. I am excited to have the day to spend in my sweats, drinking coffee, and just generally taking it easy with the kids. Hopefully, they will have fun, and not be too thrown off by not doing the usual run-around routine. I am trying to come up with art projects and things we can bake today to keep things interesting. The jury is still out on which way it will go, so I am trying to stay optimistic.

After my last totally depressed and on-the-verge post I cried for a good hour, got a good night's sleep (a small miracle in and of itself), and got up the next day ready to get to work. We even went to IKEA to try to get a few things to help organize our playroom a bit better. I am just in the mood to start throwing things out. I don't know if it is the nesting that is kicking in or what, but I am suddenly ready to just have a dumpster come in and completely empty out my basement. I know that every organizer will tell you to purge things you haven't used in a year, but I also don't want to be throwing money in the garbage with it. I am trying to motivate myself to start taking pictures of all of the things we would like to get rid of so they can be sold on craigslist. We have so many random pieces of furniture that still have a lot of life in them, but we are not able to use them for whatever reason. I am also having trouble trying to figure out what baby stuff should be kept for the next little one (and possibly any more after that one), and what really is not needed and could be donated to a school/daycare or also sold. I am trying to make a plan so I don't get too overwhelmed by it all and just give up, which is usually what happens. So hopefully this afternoon I can tackle a room, or even a closet, and have one little corner of zen in my home.

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